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Blog Resurrection!


We decided as a movement that we had invested far too much in one platform; i.e. Facebook. Facebook was a great platform to start out and it was the prime location where we grew up from a small seed and idea to a fairly recognizable movement among monarchists.

But now that we have grown so much it would be foolish of us to keep all our eggs in one basket, so the executive choice was taken to revive our blog and forum on this website and have it serve as the hub for all our future projects and movements. We might decide to separate out the blog and forum as a different website from this one, but for the time being having the blog and forum attached to this website for ease of access seemed the best route to take.

Most, if not all, of our posts from Facebook will be transferred to this blog and therefore preserved should Facebook limitations and censorship prove too burdensome on us.

We hope all of you that have supported us on that planform will follow us here and keep maintaining our efforts!

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