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Our Missions and Commitments

Our Missions and Goals: Welcome
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Up-to-Date Mass Transit

It's time we lead the world in transit and infrastructure again.

Congressional Reform

Bring the number of House members up from 435 to 820. Restore the Senate to its original functions and decorum and not merely an extension of the House.

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Urban Restoration

It's time that suburbia and urban sprawl is put to an end. It dehumanizes the community, its layout and form is arbitrary, repetitive, and unnecessary, with a large negative impact on the surrounding landscape and environment.

Pro-American Industry and Manufacturing

Its time to reindustrialize our own Nation. Our local industries and businesses must come first. We have the ability, technology, and plenty of non-polluting sources of energy to make that a firm reality.

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Looking out for American Workers

Fighting for all our workers! For our teachers and tradesmen, for better wages and peace of mind. There should be a fair balance between employees and the employers.

Community Mindset

No person is and island. None of us alone creates the things we buy or produces the energy we use. We are all part of a larger community, and our actions and government policy should reflect that. Individualism is a good thing, but too much of a good thing can poison us, and hyper-individualism is a poison.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Community Healthcare

We stand united against illness and common hardships we have all experienced. For all that America presents itself to be, a paragon on the world stage, the health and quality of life of our citizens is certainly not as exemplary as it should be.

Tax Reform

Cutting back on and eventually doing away with penalty taxes (taxes on income, sales, production, etc.) and shifting towards Economic Rent as the main source for public revenue.


Support local Farmers

We shouldn't take our food for granted, we need to remember those whose livelihoods provide us with the meals we eat everyday. We should support them at every step and not leave the small farmer to the vultures.

Farm Surplus Trading

Farm subsidies are completely backwards. Farmers should not be paid to Not produce food, they should be paid To produce food, which can be provided to food banks and food "deserts".

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Professional American Military

We need to stand by our veterans. None of our veterans should be homeless, in poverty, or suffering from addictions simply to cope with treatable medical conditions. They sacrificed for us, now we must sacrifice for them.

The Presidential office has become embroiled in too many controversies and partisan divides. The President is meant to represent the whole USA, but as a politician they are unable to carry out that unifying and impartial function. Our nation is strongly divided on political lines and the way to mitigate this is to remove politics from the Presidential equation.

Our Missions and Goals: What We Do
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