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Monarchy Video List

Updated: Apr 14

A lot of you have asked us to create a list of videos that either explain monarchism, put it in perspective, are thought provoking, or are informative in some way about it. If you have other videos to suggest that are not on the list please reach out, we'll watch it, and if we think its worth adding we'll add it to the list!

If you are a content creator yourself and create video's about monarchy or monarchism we would be happy to add your videos as well!

Liechtenstein: Where princes reign supreme | Focus on Europe. DW news

Is Liechtenstein a Libertarian Utopia?

How does DIRECT DEMOCRACY work in LIECHTENSTEIN? - VisualPolitik EN

A look at why monarchies still exist around world. GMA. HRH Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

WFGM18 - Fireside Chat with HRH the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

Should Monarchies Still Exist in the 21st century? | Debate with J.J. McCullough

Monarchy and the American Founding

Behind the Revolt: The Origins of American Independence

Hoppe - Democracy Vs Monarchy

Frederick the Great: The Enigma of Prussia

Frederick III - German Emperor who could have Stopped the World Wars

Fugger - Banker Who Financed the Habsburgs

Basil II - Reformer, Restorer, Bulgarslayer

Marcus Aurelius - Philosopher Emperor

Aurelian: Emperor Who Restored the World

Documentary: The Hapsburg Empire - The Beautiful Blue Danube

Karl von Habsburg: Nationalism rise 'painful' BBC HARDtalk

What the Habsburg Empire got Right and Why it Matters | Pieter M. Judson | Yves Mény Lecture 2019

The Dissolution of Austria-Hungary: Causes and Consequences

Dr. Otto von Habsburg on Religion, Politics, and Education

Dr. Otto von Habsburg on Muslims and Christians in Europe

The Mises I Knew | Otto von Habsburg

Last Austrian emperor's heir buried in Vienna

Vienna: Funeral Procession of Otto von Habsburg

Habsburg Family Jewels

Al Jazeera Balkans: Karl von Habsburg English interview

Leanda de Lisle - White King - The Tragedy of Charles I

The Execution of Charles I: Killing a King

Was Charles I a murderer or martyr? | Was Charles I a bad king? | 5 Minute History

What was the Personal Rule? | Part One | English Civil War

What was the Personal Rule? | Part Two | English Civil War

The trial of Charles I: justice or show trial?

Why the Trial of Charles I was Illegitimate: A Brief Defense of the English King

Monarchy with David Starkey Ep.11 The King Killer

The Last King of Greece: King Constantine | Timeline

The Extraordinary Life of Princess Alice | Queen's Mother-in-Law | Real Royalty

Why Socrates Hated Democracy


The Sovereign State: Hobbes' Leviathan

How People become Monarchists, Charles Coulombe

Charles Coulombe, Monarchy vs Republic

Charles Coulombe, Objection to Monarchy: Bad Kings!

Charles Coulombe, Inbreeding in Monarchies

Charles Coulombe, Monarchy & Multiculturalism

Charles Coulombe, Italian Unification: Good or Bad?

Charles Coulombe, Constitutional Monarchy vs. Absolute Monarchy

Hampton Court Secrets of Henry VIIIs Palace

Eat Like a King: The Meals of Henry VIII

Clarissa and the King's Cookbook

Time Team: Henry VIII's Lost Palaces

Britain's Tudor Treasure: A Night at Hampton Court

The making of Henry VIII's Crown

Greatest European Dynasties | Top 10 Countdown

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn - Monarchy & War

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn: Democracy fails in Europe

Interview with Empress Zita

Otto von Habsburg, Kaisergruft

Empress Zita, Kaisergruft

Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan; On Monarchy

UnHerd; Curtis Yarvin: Why America should become a Monarchy

Monarchist's Vision for a Royal America / Inside The United Monarchist Party of America - 239

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