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Basic Proposal for a US Monarchy

(Points with "*" next to them are yet to have been finalized or agreed upon.)

An Hereditary Monarch will replace the President in the constitution, they will be styled Emperor/*Imperator of the United States and King of each individual State, and assume all the President’s constitutionally granted powers; Enumerated and Implied, Formal and Informal.

  1. Commander-in-chief of all the armed forces

  2. Appoint Ambassadors, Judges, and officers of the United States

  3. Negotiate Treaties

  4. Clemency

  5. Fill vacancies

  6. Address the Congress

  7. Receive foreign ambassadors and representatives

  8. Legislative assent or veto

  9. Establish a cabinet

  10. Executive memorandums, agreements, addresses, and statements

  11. Granting of warrants to supply, cooperate, and be affiliated with the Imperial House

  12. Granting of Honors to distinguished Individuals for various services to the United States

  13. Informal communication

  14. One-on-one meetings and informal correspondence with members of Congress

  15. Public speaking engagements

  16. Use of media appearances or mass media to communicate directly with communities

The Heir apparent will replace the Vice President in the constitution and assume all the VP’s constitutionally granted powers, they will preside over the Senate and vote when needed just as the VP had and shall be styled Lord President of the Senate.

Aside from the Heir apparent, the next ten Heirs of the blood in line for the throne, shall have guaranteed seats in the Senate. This privilege provides them all with a firsthand experience with the workings and processes of the legislature and with the Representatives and Senators themselves.

The education for the Heirs, up to 11th in line for the throne, shall be as follows but is not required to be limited to just these.

  1. Languages; English (Primary Language), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, *Chinese, *Greek, *Latin, and others of their choosing

  2. Diplomacy

  3. Cultures

  4. Public speaking

  5. Political science

  6. Economics

  7. Mathematics

  8. Philosophy

  9. Ethics, Logic, and Rhetoric

  10. Constitutionalism

  11. History

  12. Military Training

  13. Etiquette and Manners

  14. Music and other Arts

  15. Etc.

The Congress shall maintain a vetting role for the appointment of Justices and executive ministers and officers, but their confirmation role shall be withdrawn. It is but an intrusion into the executive functions and can and has been used as a loophole to block the running of government.

*The succession to the throne shall be male preference primogeniture.

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Personally, I'm more partial to the idea of a non-hereditary or semi-hereditary form of monarchy (both for meritocratic reason and to avoid regency problems), but I would support this.


Douglas R Mosier
Douglas R Mosier
Jun 06, 2022

Male pref primogeniture means females are included so obviously that means they can be just as qualified/whatever as the men, so why not just absolute primogeniture? And what about when the hear apparent is under age?

Douglas R Mosier
Douglas R Mosier
Jun 06, 2022
Replying to

A simpler solution is to have the husband of a female in the line of succession take the dynastic surname as his new surname, or just don't have ANYONE change their name upon marriage.

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