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What We Face

Finding solutions to these issues is the test of our times. Some problems are symptoms of others, but they are all interconnected, and some we might not yet see coming down the road.

Current Issues: Text

Dying Communities

Vanishing Middle Class

Outdated and decaying Infrastructure

High and unfair Taxes

Political Deadlock

Extreme Division

Current Issues: What We Do

What can be done?

Just one solution is not enough to fix these major issues, the problems are too complex for that. Some might be easier to take on than others, but none can be left unresolved.

Wages are stagnating and purchasing power is down, the Dollar is worth less than the British Pound Sterling, and so many of our citizens work paycheck to paycheck. Student debt is in the running for the cause of the next financial crisis and the cost for university tuition has increased far beyond the inflation rate.

The tax codes are too numerous and too complex, only serving as a minefield of loopholes for tax benefits or evasion, rather than a coherent system for raising public revenue, to mention nothing of alternative sources for public revenue. A system suiting lawyers rather than people.

Our infrastructure is crumbling and we are so far behind in infrastructure and industrial advancement. We have lagged so much that Nations we once regarded as less advanced have quickly caught up to us and surpassed us. 

A brief list of our missions and goals can be found Here, and an explanation on what we intend for the presidency can be found Here.

Lets solve these issues together!

Current Issues: Welcome
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