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The United Monarchist Party of America

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The United Monarchist Party of America is a United States based political party and Movement.

Below is our Mission statement outlining what we aim to achieve as a movement, and below that is a video produced by the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA concerning the Founding of the United States and our Founding Fathers called The Royalist Revolution which we believe will help anyone wondering why we exist as a movement.

We encourage everyone to look at the other website tabs to get a better idea of what we are about. 

Please consider contacting us with any questions you may have, joining the website, and following us on Facebook!

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Our Mission and statement of Principles

  1. We promote and defend monarchy as a legitimate form of government and completely reject the popular interpretation of said government as being equivalent or even related at all to the totalitarian dictatorships and despotisms of the 20th century.

  2. We promote and defend education about monarchy and monarchism, particularly in opposition to the current school or university curriculums which are overly and unnecessarily critical of monarchy, especially in the United States.

  3. We promote and defend the values and ethics of Noblesse Oblige; that those of high rank or high means have a great duty and responsibility to behave in gracious and generous ways towards those less fortunate.

  4. We promote and defend the initiatives to repeal amendments 22, 17, and 16 of the United States constitution.

  5. We promote and defend the initiative to increase the number of members of the House of Representatives from 435 members to at least 820 members.

  6. We promote and defend an executive form of hereditary monarchy, otherwise known as semi-constitutional monarchy, to replace the Presidency in the United States, for the heir apparent to replace the Vice President of the United States, and for 10 seats in the Senate to be reserved only for the next 10 heirs of the blood, following the heir apparent, in the line of succession.

  7. We promote and defend the initiative to increase the number of members of the Senate from 100 to at least 150 members, not including any reserved Imperial seats.

  8. We promote and defend the rights of religious liberty and toleration in the United States and acknowledge and support the settlement laid out in the constitution regarding freedom of religion.

  9. We promote and defend the initiative that the monarchy established in the United States should be a sacerdotal one, as such they shall receive the rites of anointing and crowning in a sacred and religious coronation ceremony. We defend this move as not incompatible with any notion of religion freedom because the religion of the monarchy and the dynasty shall not be mandated as required by any state, citizens, or the country at large.

  10. We promote and defend the initiative to establish a system of hereditary honors and nobility for great deeds done on behalf of the country, our people, and the monarchy, and that such individuals be granted sufficient rewards and subsidies for themselves and their posterity.​

-UMP of America-

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