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Republican fails at Anti-Monarchism...

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

If you love seeing Republicans have their points just thrown back in their faces and the door ever so calmly slammed on their A** as they leave, I have the perfect thing for you.

We just got this emailed to us on our Monarchist Party website. I felt my response was warranted but tactful lol.



Why are you like this?

Their Message

"Legitimately, why do you people unironically believe that Monarchism is a worthwhile goal? Are you that blind to history? Or are you Monarchists because you want to contradict the rest of American society?

Well newsflash, bucko, if you ever try to actively and seriously establish some random euro as the Emperor of America, you'll have to contend with not only the foundational document of this country's government and that government itself, you will also have to deal with the vast majority of Americans who still hold true to the Republican (not the party) Ideals that this nation was founded upon, and who are not blind to our national history. And if you are deadset on resurrecting the antiquated and draconic institution of Monarchy, then the rest of us will gladly bring back the good-old Tar and Feathers to teach you a lesson.

If you like Monarchies so much, move to England.”


Our Response

“Blind to History. Contradict America and her society. Draconian. My my, you sure do have plenty of opinions.

Thankfully the caricature of Americas founding as a revolutionary start is being challenged by scholars. America didn’t have a “Revolution”, it had a war of independence and nothing more. A war of independence that Landed and Hereditary aristocracy from across Europe helped them to fight. Not to mention that our founders were never as rabidly anti monarchist on principle as many people today think they were, it’s sad because what it means is we translate our reality and mindset back onto history, but that’s not real history is it?

When the Declaration says “A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people”, does that mean all monarchs are evil and bad? No! Only a fool would interpret the document that way. It is simply disqualifying King George III as King of America, it was directed towards him alone.

We are well aware of our history, which is why we chose to reference primary sources with direct quotation, where it’s from, when it was written, and who said it. Republics and Monarchies also are both over 2,000 years old, so neither can ever be more “antiquated” than the other now can they?

I’d say the only person blind to history at this moment is yourself. Not to mention that you actually take seriously without question the idealized version of the war of independence but also the American caricature of monarchy itself, you clearly haven’t done your homework. It is precisely because we love the USA why we want it to evolve into a monarchy, love of country doesn’t equate to a love of its institutions; they are different things. Governments evolve, even collapse sometimes, but the country, the land and our homes, they remain. Why would we move away when our homes are here?

Tar and Feathers as well huh? How original. Go have fun with that “revolutionary” LARPing of yours and pretend you’re side by side with Paul Revere on his midnight ride, at the Boston Tea Party, or literally butchering the messengers because you don’t like the message as many radical colonists had done to those Tax collectors and colonial officials.

You have too many solidified presuppositions, biases, and indoctrinated beliefs to be taken seriously on this matter, and your whole presentation was so heated that it means you take this personally, to heart, but also you don’t have the capacity to engage in a disagreement, discussion, or debate on this in a sophisticated way. Otherwise you would have.

Honestly that’s a good thing by our estimation however, it means we’re hitting the right cord, where it hurts. And with hurt and discomfort comes a questioning disposition and mindset that inevitably asks “why”? Why would they? How could they? And the less you know the more you hunger to find out. Not everyone admits it, but secretly not knowing eats away and drives them to learn.

Have a wonderful evening.


Oh It’s So Good To Be A Monarchist!

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